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The finest shaving lubricants and soaps in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes these products better shaving lubricants?
  • Q: Can I shave with other natural soaps?
  • Q: Can I use off-the-shelf soap?
  • Q: What makes your products so mild?
  • Q: Can I use your products for cleaning?
  • Q: How do I shave with OPR Shaving Soap?
  • Q: What about whiskers that are several days old?
  • Q: How long should I use a razor before changing the blade?
  • Q: Why are these products so watery?
  • Q: How many shaves can I get out of a bottle?
  • Q: Can I use the Specialty Soap for other cleaning needs?


It is the most effective product that I have tried in my life for shaving.

The shave was tremendously simple and highly effective.

It makes one wonder why nobody had invented anything similar after so many centuries of suffering and shaving in human history.

Final results: impeccable. Very clean and smooth.

The feel of the face is perfect.


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