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Women's Specialty Soap

Women's Specialty Soap

OILS USED: Olive oil, Soybean oil, Castor oil, Canola oil, lanolin, jojoba oil, retained glycerin, added glycerin, rosin, sulfated castor oil.

  • Our Women's Specialty Soap is scented with a soft fragrance of balsam and bergamot and a hint of fresh citrus.
  • 8 ounces
  • This soap is not tested on animals

We created our Specialty Soap to be the mildest all-natural liquid soap we could possibly make. We threw out all the conventions and accepted beliefs about liquid natural soap and started with one simple, uncompromising goal.

The result is a soap unlike any other. A vigorous soap with soft lather the provides phenomenal lubrication, yet is extraordinarily mild and gentle to the skin. Because it's natural soap, it cleanses thoroughly.

And we have a gentle impact on the environment. Our containers are recyclable and use pumps, so you don't need butane to deliver the contents, and you don't add to the 300 million cans of foam that go into our landfills every year.


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It is the most effective product that I have tried in my life for shaving.

The shave was tremendously simple and highly effective.

It makes one wonder why nobody had invented anything similar after so many centuries of suffering and shaving in human history.

Final results: impeccable. Very clean and smooth.

The feel of the face is perfect.


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