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About Shaving

Foam is a poor lubricant. In fact it’s mostly air. The poor quality of lubrication has driven razor manufacturers to create two, three, four, and now even five blade razors. That’s not necessary.


There’s more to the story that just poor lubrication. Cans of foam require butane, isobutene, and propane to dispense the stuff. It’s not necessary to add those gases to the environment 70 million times each morning. And then these used cans have to be discarded into landfills. 200 million cans a year. Enough to fill up a football stadium.


So called “gels” are no different. Those are just chemical compounds that turn to foam for the shave. Then you’re back to the initial problem – poor lubrication. And all the waste that goes with it.


There’s a better way – a shaving soap that lubricates whiskers and skin, and then nourishes the skin after the shave. A lubricating soap that gives you a close, comfortable, smooth shave. It does the job so well in shaving circles they call it “BBS” – baby butt smooth. But mostly you’ll be amazed at how good your skin feels.


Start your day doing something that feels good. That also does good.


It is the most effective product that I have tried in my life for shaving.

The shave was tremendously simple and highly effective.

It makes one wonder why nobody had invented anything similar after so many centuries of suffering and shaving in human history.

Final results: impeccable. Very clean and smooth.

The feel of the face is perfect.


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