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Soft Oil Soap

Soft Oil Soap

OILS USED: Olive oil, castor oil, soybean oil, canola oil, lanolin, jojoba oil, rosin, retained glycerin, added glycerin.

  • 8 fluid ounces

Our soft oil soap is the perfect cleanser for your skin. It is made from all soft oils - no coconut or palm oil that is harsh to the skin - and then loaded wth moisturizers. Yet it is a vigorous soap.

As a hand wash it cleans oil, grease, dirt, and just about every other kink of imaginable gunk. It was tested in an auto repair shop for two months. The mechanics said it was the best non-pumace based cleaner they had ever used. For those who have to wash hands frequently soft oil soap is perfect - it cleans thoroughly yet is exceptionally mild and moisturizing. There's nothing else like it!

For a body wash we think this is the best soap in the world. Its pH of 9.5 is a natural and complete killer of bacteria. Powerful. Gentle. Nourishing.

We tend to look upon soft oil soap as the honeymoon soap. Perfect for the most discerning body.


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It is the most effective product that I have tried in my life for shaving.

The shave was tremendously simple and highly effective.

It makes one wonder why nobody had invented anything similar after so many centuries of suffering and shaving in human history.

Final results: impeccable. Very clean and smooth.

The feel of the face is perfect.


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