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Welcome to Old Post Road Oils. We developed our products with two simple thoughts:

1st, lubrication is key to a good shave, and shaving foam is a lousy lubricant. In fact, it’s mostly air. Cans of foam require butane and isobutane to dispense the stuff.  And then those used cans have to be discarded into landfills. 200 million cans a year. OPR Shaving Soap delivers unsurpassed lubrication. With no waste.

2nd, the shaving lubricant has to be good to the skin, very good to the skin. And of course foam doesn't deliver. But OPR Shaving Soap does, in big ways. Every oil that goes into our shaving soap was specifically selected for fatty acids that are vital to nourishing your skin cells.  

Old Post Road Oils Shaving Soap lubricates so well that you get an exceptionally close, comfortable, smooth shave while it nourishes and revitalizes the skin. You'll love the shave. But mostly you’ll be amazed at how good your skin feels.


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Unless they’re Olympic swimmers most guys don’t have to shave large sections of their bodies. Smooth legs matter. Smooth skin matters. What about the health of your skin...  

Women figured out a long time ago what guys still don’t get. Shaving skin with foam is not a good proposition.  In fact, over 70% of women do not use foam. So what do they use? They improvise, using the cleanser bars in the bath.

Better, but still not great. When you’re shaving half your body, it’s gotta be great. Luxurious. Silky. And what if we said it could also be wonderful and nourishing for your skin?

That’s what our Specialty Soap delivers. OPR Specialty Soap is an all natural lubricating soap that is packed with oils to provide critical fatty acids to your skin cells for nourishment and rejuvenation. Our Specialty Soap gives you silky smooth lubrication, and then treats your skin to pure bliss. No harshness, no irritation. Just luxurious, wonderful skin treatment.

Try our Specialty Soap. You won’t believe how effective it is, and how good it feels.