OPR Men's Shaving Soap

OPR Men's Shaving Soap

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We think this is the finest shaving soap in the world. Our customers certainly agree.

  • “This product is better than anything I have tried in the last 60 years. I have finally learned how to shave.

  • Best shaving product in existence.

  • Perfect shave!

  • Best blade shaving soap I’ve ever used in 50 years.

  • This is by far the best.

  • This stuff is GOLD!

  • Best shave ever!!

  • I won’t use anything else.

  • I got the closest and most comfortable shave I’ve ever had.

  • It is the most effective product that I have tried in my life for shaving. The shave was tremendously simple and highly effective.”

OPR is totally unconventional. It doesn’t lather. (You don’t need it.) It doesn’t foam or gel. (Don’t need that either.) OPR lubricates, like crazy. Both skin and whiskers. And it hydrates and nourishes the skin. With olive oil. Lanolin. Aloe vera oil. Jojoba oil. We even put rosin in it. (Very good for the skin.) There’s nothing like it on the market. There’s nothing better.

For especially sensitive skin, use with a wet electric razor. It’s the smoothest shave we know of.

Available in our 9 oz bottle or a convenient Travel Pack - Three 2.5 oz bottles.

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In the hundreds of years of human suffering and shaving, we don’t know why this hasn’t been thought of before.

- Refineria de Caballeros